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​A Shout-Out from Art Warehouse to Perception Wide Format Media

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  I had first heard of Perception from a paper and canvas supplier. I was looking for different options and one of my vendors, Jim Tucker, Vice President of SGA Imaging, Inc., suggested I take a look at Perception’s product line. Jim provides my company with a variety of large format printing products, and although he’s technically a vendor, I consider him a partner in my business because the people I work with, I feel, all have a stake in providing my customers with the very best product and service. If I were to treat my vendors like merely order takers, then I’m simply buying on price.

When Jim showed me Perceptions product samples, I liked what I saw and I’m not easily impressed. I run more of a boutique digital photo lab and for that reason, the products I buy are highly customized versus mass produced. 

Consistent Ink Adhesion & Color Quality 

Ink adhesion is something I always wrestled with and the greatest advantage of Perception’s product is that there are no issues in that area. I tested multiple brands and the color of Perceptions product sold me. With other brands, after running roll after roll, the ink adhesion and color was affected but that doesn't occur with Perception’s product. Sometimes seasonal and temperature can affect the roll. Again, I have not seen that with Perception. Their product is extremely consistent and the ink adhesion and color are of the highest quality. In the end, it is far better than other brands I reviewed. I use a lot of gray tones so I don’t require the full gamut of color at the fastest speed. I’m really interested in superior quality; that’s what drives my buying decision. I also like the fact that Perception’s product isn’t produced in a massive manufacturing facility, mass producing the materials. It’s a custom manufacturer and therefore provides their customers with the flexibility to tailor products to our needs. 

The Best Stretch 

Perception canvases stretch the best. They are ‘A’ number one. There are simply none better. I’m sure the fact that Perception worked with one American textile mills to design a quality fabric from inspecting and developing the specifications through final inspection, its substrate are perfect. I wouldn't change a thing. The other benefit is their ink jet receptors blooms really well under heat or under liquid contact. The product really grasps the ink. When I do go to stretch the corner, the canvas performs so much greater than other competitive products. 

Ageless Beauty 

Perception’s coating does not yellow over time. This is a distinct and unique quality that other competitive products can’t claim. Typically, these types of materials use a coating that yellows over time. Perceptions maintains its color quality, for the long haul. Our business isn't rocket science. In actuality, it’s sometimes purely a numbers game. That said, my approach is to find and keep long- term partners who can commit to working side by side with me and my staff through all the product trials, adjustments and successes. I look at simple solutions and how to accomplish them cost effectively. I don't have a hidden secret. My philosophy is just simply go to work. Do the absolute best you can and help your customer succeed. The bottom line is Perception has the best product to meet our needs coupled with the fact that they work hand-in-hand with us, as a partnership. That’s why this relationship works so well. When I find something that works in our industry, I wave the flag. I’m always actively pursuing what’s coming next. I typically look and plan 4-5 years downs the road and that thinking keeps me ahead of the curve. 

About Art Warehouse & Framerscanvas.biz 

Art Warehouse and Framerscanvas.biz are the industry’s leading custom picture framers and premier destinations for artists, photographers, and designers, offering the best reproduction service available, the highest quality fine art and photograph reproduction printing, as well as custom framing. 

About Perception 

Perception Wide Format Media (WFM) is a brand of Worthen Industries and manufactures high quality coated fabrics and canvases for customers worldwide. The company brings many years of coating and coated substrate development and manufacturing experience to the wide format media marketplace. Focused on creating chemistry-perfect coatings on fabrics woven in American textile mills, Perception creates customizable products that meet strict quality standards and the highest consistency expectations.



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